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Dryden Hawkins Dryden Hawkins
What is there to say about Dryden Hawkins if not that he embarked a long time ago to a somewhere in an uncertain cosmos, and that he didn’t completely come back from it. Meanwhile listening to his albums currently being re-edited, Namook provides you with some films and radio programs where his musical genius is revealed.
O_Isomorphism6 O - Music, 2min51 - 2010
We had to wait for years, years of darkness and lightyears for The Loved One to rise from the ashes and open again the doors of its musical world. O, the track from the freshly made album SET, gives pride of place to the Electro Acoustic Spring Zithers built by the brillant Peter Appleton. Enter into isomorphism...
Fantasy Radio Fantazia No3 - Music, 3min29sec - 80's
We already talk about Dryden's trip out of space. Among the stars, he is known as The Loved One. Here is one proof of his musical distraction when he was somewhere up there, illustrated by Pema Wangye's animation. And as we said on our friend's link page, get more good stuff of Dryden Hawkins on his myspace den: www.myspace.com/zwangtaboo.
londonitude Londonitude - Radio Weekly, 13mins - 2007
Londonitude, the weekly French program of Eko that talks about news, from a London point of view. One discusses about what people say in the British capital, about World news, about France through the British prism, news of French Londoners, and others. In a universe composed by Dryden Hawkins, the team of Kab, Gilles Blaize and Pema Wangye draws up a world vision of The British wrapped up with a French touch.
Warping on Water Dreaming Istanbul, Film #1 - Short film series, 7X6min - 2011
Dreaming Istanbul is an experimental short film series consisting of seven parts, which creates an original, intriguing and penetrating insight into one of the most historical cities in the world: Istanbul. This first film starts by the Bosphorus and the pace of the streams
Aldous A Istanbul Aldous In Istanbul - Anim, 12mins - 2008
First chapter of Aldous Eveleigh, the wandering painter, in Istanbul, with a music composed by Dryden Hawkins. In the city between two continents, two seas, two epochs, Aldous take us on an experimental odyssey where the streets of the old Byzantine and Ottoman city, its peoples and its cultures unveil themselves from new perspectives.
Aldous A Londres Aldous In London - Docu/Anim, 20mins - 2005
Between a Travelogue and an Animated film, Aldous in London is a plunge into the heart of Aldous Eveleigh’s universe, where the reality of London, its Bobbies, its cabs and pubs, mixes with the shifted vision of the wandering painter. Directed by Gilles Blaize, painted by Aldous Eveleigh and composed by Dryden Hawkins, Aldous in London teaches you to look at what you do not see. Open your eyes wide!
Thames Short Stretches Of The Thames - Animation, 12mins - 2005
From Greenwich to Westminster, Aldous Eveleigh, through his paintings, offers us a journey along the Thames. Using the animation technique of stop-motion, the wandering painter makes and unmakes landscapes of the British capital. Allow yourself to be rocked by the flow of paintings and the strange music composed by Dryden Hawkins.

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